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Trusted Realtor since 2002

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Leland has been a full time licensed Realtor since 2002 and is motivated to help others.

Leland strategically negotiates the buying and selling of his clients homes and properties, and more importantly, he is helping them move closer to their life goals.


With each transaction comes a very intense relationship, and clients are trusting Leland with their life savings and family's well-being. Leland don't take that lightly. Being focussed on the needs, wants and well-being of his clients, communicating, educating, building trust, helping them achieve their goals and developing life long relationships is what it's all about.

"Patient, honest, and utterly committed to serving his clients, Leland presents a courteous and friendly demeanor that reflects his complete professionalism."


As a local resident with extensive knowledge of neighborhoods in the south bay area, Leland offers clients persuasive expertise including:

  • The desire to truly hear his clients’ real estate wants and needs

  • A vast network of personal and professional contacts

  • A keen understanding of the competitive market place

  • A strong track record for negotiating

  • Extensive preparation and review before the selling/buying process

  • Strategic marketing practices including pre-sales inspections, advertising, cutting edge technology, and home preparation guidance

  • Strategies relevant to the individual and local micro-markets

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